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Your Safety is Our Priority

We are just as concerned about COVID-19 as our customers. We implemented the following procedures to protect our plumbers, our customers, and our staff:

  • All our plumbers wear masks, gloves, and shoe-covers.
  • We check temperatures of all our employees before they enter our offices.
  • We monitor health conditions of all our plumbers throughout the day.
  • All trucks are equipped with hand sanitizers and Lysol Wipes. Lots and lots of Lysol Wipes.
  • We check with our customers to ensure they are not exhibiting any Covid-19 signs before confirming their appointments.
  • Our plumbers politely refuse service to any customer that exhibits signs of Covid-19. We follow up with a call and re-schedule the appointment for a later date.

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Local Kitchen Drain Experts | Plumbers near Wheeling, IL

We professionally unclog any kitchen and bathroom drains | Wheeling, IL

You should do whatever you can to prevent drains from clogging, however, the chances are that sooner or later you will experience kitchen or bathroom drain clog that using your plunger alone won't be able to fix it.

Over the years of providing drain and plumbing services, our plumbers stumbled across many causes of kitchen and bathroom drain clogs.

  • Human hair/animal fur - probably the number one cause of majority bathroom clogs
  • Oil and other greasy substances - most common reason for clogged kitchen drains
  • Food waste
  • Personal hygiene products including cotton swabs, dental floss, wipes, and diapers
  • Soap residue
  • Hardware objects accidentally dropped in a drain like toys, screws or jewelry

Regardless of what a reason for your clogged drain is, our local DPS plumbers from Wheeling, can fix it safely providing a long-lasting solution.

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Clogged kitchen or bathroom drain?
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Our professional local plumbers from Wheeling are real experts in fixing any, even the most stubborn drain clogs. We have tools, experiences, and know-how to unclog any drainage system regardless of the cause.

The longer you wait the more damage can occur to your plumbing systems.

Call us at 847-409-1362 and one of our certified local plumbers will assist you shortly.

Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Service near Wheeling, IL

Clogged Drain Do's and Dont's

do not use caustic chemicals or acid cleaners

Many homeowners without much hesitation reach for a chemical drain cleaner to unclog a sink, but these caustic solutions can soften PVC pipes and even damage older metal pipes. Moreover, those aggressive chemicals can burn your skin and eyes if not used properly. It is always safer and less costly in the long run to hire a professional plumber who can properly get rid off of any drain blockages.

do not put grease down the sink

If you consistently dump oils or greasy substances into your sink, they will eventually harden and congeal, causing clogs in your house drainage system. 

Do Hire a professional plumber

If running hot water down the drain or using a plunger does not bring the desired results, it is time you should hire a professional plumber, who has the experience and proper tools to remove any stubborn clog. Our experienced DPS plumbers will properly clean the clogged drain without causing any damage to your plumbing system.

We professionally unclog any kitchen or bathroom drains near Wheeling, IL