Garbage disposal doesn't work when you turn it on? Does your garbatge disposal jams, leaks, smells, makes loud or strange noises?

No matter what kinds of problems you are experiencing with your garbage disposal we can fix it quickly for you today.

How to ensure a long life for your garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal is a great appliance that makes your household and kitchen duties much less demanding. If operated and maintained properly your garbage disposal can serve you for a long time without any trouble. Usually though garbage disposals get a lot of abuse and break down quite often. Here are some maintenance tips that can help you prolong the life of you garbage disposal.

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  • Keep your garbage disposal clean
  • Run your garbage disposal regularly
  • Grind food waste w/ a strong flow of cold water
  • Don't put metal, wood, plastic or glass into the disposal
  • Don't put large items into the garbage disposal
  • Don't pour grease or other fats
  • Don't pour bleach or drain cleaner down the disposal
  • Don't use your disposal as a trash can

Typical problems with garbage disposals

Garbage disposal not working

If the disposal doesn't work when you turn it on see if it's getting power. Also try to to reset the disposal by pressing a small button that's usually found beneath the disposer.

Garbage disposal jams

Check if there are any big or hard material objects inside the disposal that may be jamming it up, remove them i there are any. Try loosening the masher plate enough to rotate it. It usually helps to remove any jams.

Garbage disposal smells

Try cleaning it up with hot water and kitchen soap. Let the sink fill up with hot water to 3-4 inches. Add kitchen soap and let the water drain while turning on the disposal.

Garbage disposal leaks

When you are dealing with leaks it's always best to have a professional plumber deal with it. We do not recommend any DIY methods for fixing such problems as leaks. If you see your garbage disposal unit leaking call a plumber immediately.